8 Weaves Mastered


YAY! Weaves! They’re starting to shape up, George is still crossing his paws (bad habit, he might trip)  we’re on our way!
I have my second part of my math final tomorrow and I suppose George is helping me study (haha) but I’ve got finals all this week UGH! Poor George won’t be doing much agility this week, of course I’ll take him out in the mornings but it wont’ be so intense, learning new stuff ect. Just the easy set up stuff if you know what I mean. We’re supposed to be getting concrete in our yard tomarrow UGH painful I know. I loved our yard. Also, since summer is coming, July 4th we’re going to the beach and I’ll bring some agility stuff so we can have ‘gility on the beach! I really also want to work on his off-leash handeling some more, he does well at home, in the front yard and what’s left of our back yard, he heels pretty well off leash when we go on walks and has surprised me when there are other dogs and he still manages to listen! But of course, he amazes me all around! Soooooo…. Next weekend, we just have celebratory work in store, I still have to make our “official” PVC pipe weaves but soon!
For now, I must go! Bye!



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