Weird-O Georgie!


It’s been really odd latley with George, his behavior is going wacko, I know I haven’t been working with him 24/7 due to finals *grr* but still! Is this normal? He’s never acted out like that before! For instance, my mom tried to call him over and he wouldn’t come! I understand if someone’s handeling him/ asking him to do tricks he’ll be stubborn but my mom? really? Maybe it’s because I’m nervous because of finals, it’s making him act funny. I need to calm down a bit possibly. I know over the summer, I’ll be constantly working with him, so maybe it’ll bring him back to his usuall self. Maybe it’s just me! What do you think?
Oh yes, let me describe his behaviors… he’s not responding to my parents (he does usually respond to them, just never my brothers), he’s jerking on his leash when I walk him on a loose leash and he’s being a major chatter box, he barks at everything latley! He’s never been so “chatty” before! I don’t mind all of his barking but everyone else does (cuz I’m his mama).
It might be because of me being a nervous reck and all, I know I’ll do fine on finals, but big tests like that really freak me out. Well, I guess after finals, we’ll see if he goes back to normal, it is my fault and I was over reacting. Ah well, let us hope (: Reacting wise though, he still looks at me before going to another dog/ cat (yes CAT! I was so surprised! He was super reactive to other cats before and now he’s just not!) and he still listens to me… well I have until Thursday and I’ll be all finished with Finals and Sophomore year! Eesh! Crazy isn’t it?



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