You are my Wings


I cannot thank him enough for all that he does for me, he brings me up on the worst of days, he makes me smile when I am about to burst with anger and sadness. I don’t know what in the world I’d do without him, but I’ve sort of decided (it has to fit) if I get a new puppy it’s name will be Wings. George’s Wings to be specific. I cannot tell you where I’d be without him. He has taught me so much and I still know so little.

Ok, so if you’re wondering why I’m sounding like THIS, my brother, earlier was being a total jerk, doing anything he could to bug me he started to claim that he owned George and he yanked on him to pull him away from me, he stood up ifnront of me so I couldn’t see, I moved away and he kept trying to follow me, so I decided to confront him, maturely but you know what? Epic Fail. He is not mature. He is a little brat no better than my third grade brother. And at the moment, I loathe him, he is being a jerk. I cannot stand it! And George is the only reason I’m sane. Even my youngest brother is fed up with his attatude. He’s trying to bully both of us, that…. oh the names I’d call him if I could. Dear God, help me.

Hey anyone ever nodice that Dog is God backwards? I believe dogs are gifts from God to keep us sane and safe. I know George is the only reason I’m sane. My goodness he makes my day, I treated him to a piece of Ham and he’s now playing a “game” with me. I am trying to work on homework and he comes over to me and trys to convince me to go to his rug. It is so cute, just a second ago, I was furrious, now I’m beaming! I love George! I could not ask for a better dog!



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