Lilo… George… What a day? (again)


Ok so there has been thunder and lightning and we’re supposed to get out for summer vacation! WEIRD! Usually, it’s in the 90’s weather wise! Ah that was weird I heard thunder crack, poor George he’s scared, he runs over to me wherever he is poor baby. Now he’s here.

ANYWAY! I got hired to petsit & train our family-friend’s dog Lilo, a malteese puppy I think a month old now, I started talking about socilization concepts and stuff, but we’re going to start basic training next month sometime! I’ll post photos asap! I don’t have any on my computer at the moment but she is soo sweet and full of energy. They just want a good housepet, but she’d make an excelent agility canadate.

George has yet to meet Lilo so we’ll see how that goes, and our yard will be finished by the time I get to start training. I have to train her owners too… :) we’ll see how that goes!

More thunder, ahh George I am trying to confort him without praising him but it’s not working so I’m attempting to distract him now, I have to leave for now, I’ve got some work to do- take this as a training opertunity! Also, I’m planning on getting my hands on a clicker, I want to see how it works!!!!!!
Bye for now!
-Nicole & George



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