Some people amaze me


Today I have all good news!!

My first good news is… if you’re wondering what was going on with Gucci and Chloe (and Emma) I have some MAJOR news for you! Someone started listning to me! I am so happy! For some background info, for those of you who don’t know, Chloe, Gucci’s mom was being bred to her son, and apparently I was the only one to speak up, now my oncle, finally listned to me (he’s my mom’s cousin) and took Gucci away, he’s getting neutered on Tuesday and my oncle may take him or we might get him, but we are a bit scared for Chloe, since she’s had so many litters, how would this affect her? I mean the surgery? Gucci is only a year old, Chloe is four. And Emma, the latest puppy was sold, so all that’s left is Chloe, but there are no males around her so she is puppy free!

My second piece of Good news is, I finally convinced one of Rocky’s owners (Rocky the “untrainable” miniture pincer) to give clicker training a try!! Rocky is a smart dog, but he is a very selfish dog and I think clicker training would work! I hope so, I put a whole lot of effort into convincing them! -Now I just get to go get a clicker and a book so I can study up and get training!

My third piece of good news is that I feel like this has been a sucsessful first day of summer!
My fourth piece of good news is I will have a dog-filled summer this summer! I get to work with dogs all summer and I really want to go volenteer at a shelter!
My fifth piece of good news is I am planning on how to ask my parents to adopt another rescue Border Collie. I know I have George but I really want a puppy, before George gets to old so he and I can work with the pup together while he still has his “bounce”

So… this whole weekend I will be off somewhere, we just got home from my Grandparents, and I was dying to tell you the good news… and Sunday we will be off at my cousin’s grad party – class of 2010 yupie!

-Nicole & George



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