Back to normal!


I guess he’s just phasing in and out of being normal… it’s a bit odd. Yesterday and today he was acting completley normal! Yesterday I built his weaves out of PVC pipe and they are beautiful thanks to my Dad! Thank You!!!
Well, he was a bit slower yesterday but it was soooo humid It was gross! But today he was wonderful, he progressed extremly fast, without hardly any hesitation what so ever! Last few weaves, I only had to singnal him on the first and last weaves and we began to jog through them insted of a slow walk! Improvement! I am so excited for my boy!!!!
Yehhh so I was putting together a plan….. not just for summer but until after I graduate HS in 2010. The plan is, George retires officially in 2010, the year I graduate. But before then, this year I plan on competing him, first match NADAC then I’ll officially get his CGC title from the AKC, he will not be AKC registered due to the lack of time, if he excells in NADAC I might register him but it’s a possibility. When 2010 comes around and he’s still hyper as ever, I may register him with the AKC in limited rally-o only so he doesn’t get bored, otherwise I can just work with him at home. But I plan on getting a new puppy soon because it is much easier to train a dog if you have an already trained dog to assist you! That is where George falls into play. If new pup sees George’s behavior it will go on the same way! So I was hoping to get a rescue BC from the NorCalBC rescue…. There’s one named Reggie, then the puppies…. oh the pups! I’d either go for Reg or one of the puppies, out of the Seasonal one’s I’d go for Autumn Sky, just the looks she gives make me smile, Out of the Divas… I dunno I love ’em all but I just heard a Cher song haha. I don’t know! So many decisions out there! But there is time… The Divas have a faster chance of adoption, the Seasonal pups have been there for a WHILE! and Reg is only 2 Years old but he looks older and more mature… hummm So much to consider! I deffinetly want to be competing while I’m in college, it’d take the stress off! That would be the bonus of getting Reg though, by then he’d be competing and at the height of his career, he is 2 already so his hips are probubly already formed, I wouldn’t have to wait to get him XRayed and start competing! Not to mention he is BEAUTIFUL! I don’t know how ANYONE could leave him behind! What a boy! They don’t say much about his past but he sounds extremly well socialized, I’d imagine at one point he was at a real breeders but he didn’t have a chip… or so they said, but if he did they would have known. HUMMM.
Like I said, much to consider! And I deffinetly do not want to get started with a new dog while the yard is still in construction but it will end by next month! YAYYY! We will have our backyard & frontyard back! (when you sign up for a backyard remodel and pool, they take over your front yard too lolol) But it’s going to look nice. I just will always miss my tree (possibly plant a mamorial flower there… a pink one, same color as the blossoms in the spring) It’s been my tree since kindergarden in 1999, it survived the turn of the century… I wish I got a better photo, All I’ve got is a partial video clip because last I checked, it was staying then I came home and was heartbroken, it was gone!

How on earth did I get from George weaving to my tree?! Ok so now you know I can just randomly blab onnn and onnn. Sorry about that! So I think you know all of the news… I will post again when somthing new happends!

~Nicole & George



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