George… Swimming? Nahhh just updates (:


No way!
haha, he didn’t really swim, insted, he had his first swimming lesson ever! It was pretty sucsessful, he managed to willingly get all four paws in the water but that’s about it.
I talked to my mom about George’s retirement plan, first I explained to her that most dogs retired at his age but then I also added that I wanted to trial him before he retired, she said “he’s still young!” — a whole eight years young… anyway… I wish I could have a new puppy so badly, as George ages, I want the puppy to learn from him!

I just checked out the BC Rescue Website, the “Dumpster Divas” pages have been updated (finally!) I’ve been checking on a day-to-day basis now haha, they are BEAUTIFULLLL!! They keep getting prettier as they grow!

I’ve also been searching around like crazy, there is a training centre that offers “Fun Agility” 20 Minutes from where I live!!!!! Deffinetly wonderful for foundation work! Hopefully I’ll be able to get a puppy (hopefully one of the divas) and then get my license so we can finally COMPETE! What I’ve been dying to do for soooooooooo long!! There are “local” trials but they are 30 Minutes to 1 hour away…… and I can’t drive yet and no one will take me “just for a trial” oh brotthhhherrrrrr at this rate, George will be retired never getting to compete! GRRRR!

Hmmmmmmm…. any ideas on what to do?
i hope the master plan works, but I think my mom is tired of me talking about Agility all the time!
-Nicole & George



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