Today… Tomorrow… The next Day…


I am soooooo bored. All I want to do is Agility with George, but no. I have to work on my Summer School Home Work….eeeewwwweyyyyy. George and I have been practicing weaving every day now! I’ve decided that I’m going to start with his CGC- I’ll get his final test done coming up so he can have his first title, then I’ll get started on his Agility work and maybe even get his NTD title (Novice Trick Dog) but then I’d have to have him registered with the AKC and I don’t know where they test for NTD. — but anywayyyyyyyyyyy yep, I still have to find a master plan how we’re going to convince my mom to take us to a trial at WAG or somewhere else! I hope when we go to my grandparents that I can bring his agility stuff so he can practice more in “other locations” hehe. He still gets extremly distracted so I have to play with him before hand and he gets really worn out by the time we’re acctually getting into agility! Any ideas on how to fix this? uhhhhhh I suppose not!
This blog post took me literally 30 seconds! Arn’t you proud? hehe
Back to homework- seee yahhhh (it’s just Drivers Ed & Health gggghhh)haha.
-Nicole & George



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