Frustrations… Complications…. Nothing More…


George has been weaving really well – with treats- without ’em he goes really slowly and gets distracted easily. I wish I could handle him better! I play with him before hand, give him treats and such but latley he’s being really disobedient and isn’t seeming to care… it’s not like him at all! Even tonight, when I let him inside from the garage to go to bed he just runs by… no usual thank you. But I did see him sneak in my room and wait for me, maybe he just forgot. I really wish I could figure him out, I mean, somethings, I can but others I can’t…. I keep wondering if he really wants to do Agility? I try to make it fun for him, when I have food or toys he has fun and enjoys it, he loves jumping and adores his tunnel but whenever there is no food involved or I practice with him without his collar on, he goes completley haywire! I play with him, warm him up, but he ignores my efforts…. When I was practicing “flyball” with him (a series of four jumps, evenly spaced with a ball on top of a bucket – supposed to resemble a “box” he enjoyed himself)It makes me think he really doesn’t want to do agility which sort of makes me a wee bit sad because that’s what I want to do, but you know, it’s not about me! He’s my boy! I’ll figure somthing out so that we can do what we want (: Maybe I’ll look at flyball stuff… ugggg the only problem is I am soooooo almost obsessed with Agility. I wish there was some way I could get him to like it and see my obsession :P mmmmm…..
I guess I could pretend to have treats, hehe that’s when he enjoys Agility and goes pretty fast, but then there’s my handeling, I am always guiding him! He ends up either sticking to me like glue or getting distracted and going his own way! HUMMM GEORGIE! What to do with you?! So yep! That’s about it! (:



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