This boy is making me crazy


I had him weave again today, in the garage, without treats. He did it just perfectly, not fast but NORMAL. I have no idea how we’re going to Q or place unless he gets his speed up! Any ideas? :) He goes sooooo fast when he knows I Have food or treats but the problem is, I’m not so good at faking, he can smell if I do or not! Gr! I still need help handeling, maybe I’ll go to borders or somthing and get a book- maybe! I have to look for border’s gift cards eeshhhh! Ssssssssoooo yep I’ve kind-of desided against going to that place for lessons, if we can get this far on our own, we deffinetly can go further! And there is NO WAY I’m giving up! We can do this!!! Maybe I’ll get a clicker and re-train him to the clicker to see if that helps (: I’ve heard really good results from others about it… maybe I’ll try it :)
I hope this all works & pays off ;) there is on way I’m giving up though!
Ohh also, I forgot to mention the weird dream I had last night, I had a dream that I had Cher (one of the BC’s I was considering adopting but she was really low on the list) I had my eyes closed and I was sitting somewhere with her and I heard somone say “Nicole and Cherish the Moment?” and I looked and “Cher” was full grown and we were at a park or somewhere… I have no idea but soon after, I woke up. I wish I could seeee more! But I really want George to get better so I can figure out how to improve my handeling before I get the puppy! Maybe he’ll surprise me like he’s been. Maybe this weather is messing with him :P I have noooooo idea! One thing is for sure, I’m not giving up!
-Nicole & George


2 Responses to “This boy is making me crazy”

  1. Hillary Says:

    An Idea for the no treats thing, start with… ah 4 poles or something so you get the weaving behavior but it's not as long as 6 lol. Bring out your treats in a plastic container with a lid and set them up in a tree, or on a chair/table whatever you have out by you and keep the lid on. Go over to your weave poles with Mr. George and ask for the weaves. You're not asking for speed right now, its just performance without treats. Once he does the 4 poles make a HUGE deal out of it and run over to your treat spot and open the container and give him a few. Make sure you switch up the place you keep the treat container hidden so he doesn't know where they'll be. Do that a few times so he understand the exercise and start only rewarding the slightly faster poles. Once you're happy with the speed on 4, bump it up to 6. Or if you have someone to help you they can hold a bag of treats and toss them to you instead of stashing the container somewhere. Don't know if that made any sense? Or if it's helpful at all lol, but it's an idea. Also, Don't worry about Qing with slow weaves. Lilly has taken… no joke 10 seconds to do 6 poles and we still managed to Q in AKC Novice haha.

  2. Nicole Says:

    (super late) thank you a TON Hillary, your advice means everything to me!!!


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