God sends his wishes.


I am sure now that it is ment for us to get another dog. That was told to us by Piper, a yellow labrador, who ran into our yard this morning and called it ‘home’ it was only her home for a while though, we called her owners and to my dissapointment, they came. But she went home happy and safe. Piper had a horrible limp but she was extremly agile, she jumped 3 feet up to our deck to sit by our screen door! Even with a nasty limp that made it painful to lie down! <-Piper had her tail docked and a nasty limp. The two became almost instant friends, eager to share treats and food, both accepted my pets and love! I was so excited, I could imagine us owning two dogs and not worrying so much about George being jelous. I got a couple of Piper photos but she's home and lives down the street. Because Piper came, my mom even said it herself that she could imagine us having another dog. Haha, my mom LOVED Piper just as much as Piper loved my mom! They lived a couple of streets away and my oh my, I love that little girl! (And yes, she was even wearing George's leash and he didn't mind! Usually, he gets over protective of me… his leash… his tennis ball and his food… but with Piper… nothing… hummm… Maybe it was just Piper but I am wishing for the best!


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