Rocky Came over the other day, we (me and Noelle) started clicker training and he responded surprisingly well which was really good, it made me excited like “we can get somewhere with this boy!” I was surprised that I acctually got him to “stay” by himself for the picture!
But he left, and only Noelle will work with him, I don’t even know if she will, we hardly worked an hour. Plus his other owners don’t really care if he’s trained or not, no matter how I try to show off by example with George or whatever. They just don’t CARE!
Well George wise, I’ve been feeling his hips, and his muscles and he keeps getting stiff… but it comes with age. I wish my parents were more supportive of me doing Agility, they seem like they don’t even care and whenever I try to talk about it they change the subject or try to get me to talk about something else. I suppose it bores them, my talk of getting Q’s. I think though, if I ran George at all it’d be in tunnelers. I’m really hoping to get a younger dog, maybe a year old or so… or younger if possible! I put together a training outline that’s somewhat crazy but I figured Hey… maybe it’ll be worth it. Maybe this will convince my parents that I can take on a second dog. George is sleeping right now, he’s such a cutie! Clicker training is working well with him though he is still unsure of the concept, I have not made a mistake yet (knock on wood!) but this is my first time training with a clicker so we’ll see how it all works out. He gets the “click treat” part but his tail wags for my voice, not the idea of getting a treat. My boy loves me :).
So… as far as the yard goes, we’ve got concrete being pored as I type, and There are only two weeks of Summer School (Driver’s Ed) left! Thank God it’s almost over! I have no motivation what so ever which sucks. Any ideas? All I want is a promise to do Agility, a chance, something. That’s all I want… a chance. I don’t want to go get my nails done, at the moment, I dont’ care. I don’t want people to come over, right now, acctually for the past uhh how long has it been? I’ve been interested in Agility since 2003 when I first heard about it…. umm so yeah, all I’ve wanted is a chance. For some reason I’m getting no where with that which sucks. Badly.
Bye for now! I am going to finish studdying! -Nicole & George
Also, we got our hands, paws and names in concrete… George & Nicole Forever :)


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