More Concrete


Day two of concrete poor and I think it looks beautiful… for concrete! I’ve never thought concrete would look so pretty! Ever! It feels soft like sand after it’s hardened, but while it’s still wet it looks amazingly pretty! So my “Sweet Sixteen” is coming up and I am not very fond of large parties… I think I’d rather go out and get a puppy or do some Agility with a couple of friends. Or I’d rather buy Bethany a plane ticket and celebrate with her. SO I don’t know what to do… any ideas? We’re going to have the pool done, I suppose I could have a “pool party” but I dunno. George is next to me. I acctually did something productive today, well productive in my oppinion, Driver’s Ed does not count as productive sadly. It is taking to long to be productive. Well, this is my index card, its’ a bit blury of a photo haha I sat down and drew for once! WOw the topic is such a surprise- George and Agility. hahaha. I think I may be a little obsessed. But not that badly. It’s probubly because I never get to do it and I realllyyy want to do it. How do you like it? It’s a pretty good sketch but I like it :) Just my ideas on paper. haha the weaving picture and the intense George looking down one are my two favorites, the jumping & begging ones arn’t very realistic but I love the other ones. No comment on the tennis ball George, it looks to much like him haha. So…. wish me luck, I have no idea what to do.
Good Bye for now! ~Nicole & George


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