It just clicked.


So… we decided to give the clicker a try… and it

we have been amazed with the results, George used to hate frisbee’s but he will bite them now! He loves chasing and biting them but we have to get the ‘hold’ down. I’m giving him extra treats, when he clamps down on the frisbee longer. I also have found out that he is not color blind… he segregates bright green frisbee’s from pink ones, blue ones, orange ones, dark green ones and black ones! (I found out he does the same things with tennis balls) I don’t know but it’s green over everything!

So yep! We are loving clicker training! I also got to work on two new jumps! I got some PVC Pipe and got to work on some jumps with knockable jump cups! They are AMAZING! and yes, I hand made them lol see all of my faults? Well they’re the test pair!
Super inexpensive and aweeeesooommmeee! So yep! I’ve got two new jumps and I’m working on my second set of knockable ADJUSTABLE jump cups, I mean they move up and down farily easily! I’m sooo excited this is all good news!
acctually, there is one not-so-good news but it’s not HUGE because it will get resolved soon, we are missing half a fence hahahaha. But we can’t put water in the pool until the fence gets put up so anyone know any good fence guys? haha. What a week… Ah yes, it is 7:55 and 106 degrees here! EESH! HOT! So no Agility until it gets a tad cooler, but my plan is to turn on the sprinklers in the front yard and set up a course in the sprinklers (: that would be funnnn! Whatda think? Ah well, I’ll have to try it tomorrow maybe! We’ll see!
Good Bye for today ~Nicole & George


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