I got some good shots of George jumping, I asked my brother to lead him over a couple of jumps, quite simple but he did pretty well. George was spectacular… as usual… we went out early this morning, it was about 80 degrees, so it’s getting really hot here!

So yeah, if you’d like to see the whole set of photos go to I know, another name! I cannot decide- Spirit Agility, The Border Dogs or Charge Agility…. cannot choose! So, yep, the latest & greatest is Charge Agility- I was trying to find something with letters from my and George’s names, but it turned kinda odd, so I went with Charge… niColegeoRGE that is the first word that I came up with and I guess it works… I dunno.
So yep, here’s some photos…

To view the rest of the gallery visit:



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