Uh Oh…


George and I started clicker training him to the frisbee, he’s taken to it quite well. Really, I’m trying to shape him into ‘liking’ the frisbee, he hated it before. These are the stages we’ve been trhough so you can count our progress (he’s modeling, they’re all today haha)

“eewww what is THAT?!”

“woah when I touch it I get a treat!”“when I chew on it, I get more treats!”

Well… we’re working on it…
He’s progressing slowly but steadily, I have only had him clamp onto the frisbee three or so times and I have rewarded him with a “jackpot” of treats. Usually he won’t go for any toy other than his tennis ball so this is pretty exciting for me. I took out the frisbee for practice today after agility work and he started to get really excited! So I’m really excited- This clicker training is really working!
Also, any tips on Shaping… I’ve gotten far enough that he bites it now, but i need to work on his “hold” but he doesn’t clamp down very often. But he already knows the word “frisbee” he looks for it and bites it lol.
So I suppose that will be all for today! Byeee! ~Nicole & George



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