vaaaaacccaatttiooonnn day uno


such a blurry photo :(

It has been a three (or four) hour drive. To get here, on the way we saw Mary, the giant one. and now, we are less than one minuite walking from the beach and I am blogging for George and I. How weird. But we’ll only be here a couple of days… so I suppose I should blog here (: I’ll have beach photos soon, remember, this is George’s first time EVER seeing the ocean! Tons of photos & videos for sure! But for now, everyone is exhausted so we’re all being lazy. We’ll go to the beach in a couple of minuites… but for now, we’re exhausted. Even George is sleeping haha.
There’s a local “drop in” agility place here, we could just go for fun… I want to but I don’t know if we’ll have time!
I will probubly write again tomorrow or tonight! ~Nicole & George (the sleepy one)



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