Love of the Sand & Sea


He went to the ocean last night and today! We’re taking a break… again… everyone(inluding George) is napping, except me. I have to tell the world about George’s adventures! So officially, he adores the ocean. he LOVES it! Of course it’s the Pasific, so it’s FREEZING! but he loved it! I have to laugh and get a photo, maybe tonight when we go back out when all of the tourists leave, there’s a sign that says “no dogs” but everyone brings their dogs, even the locals! I want to get a photo of George sitting next to it!.I love the beachhouse (: It belongs to our friends. Ah ignore my PJ’s in the middle photo. Ah this is all so exciting! We played fetch forever, George’s mouth was all full of sand because it stuck to his tennis ball, he avoided the ocean. I think it smelled to fishy for him. Last night I was surprised how hallariously he reacted to seaweed. I didn’t get a video though… he sniffed it and backed away really fast, over and over again like he thought it was going to snap at him or something! He got used to it really fast though and tromped through a ton earlier. Hehe silly boy! He also got treats in nearly all of the stores we walked into, they all have water bowls and stuff. This is truly a ‘dog town’! Or should I say ‘This town is going to the dogs”…

I want to go back to the beach! -Nicole & George


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