Guess who’s back!


If you’ve guessed Piper, you’ve guessed correctly! This is her second time coming here! I think she just loves hangin’ on our deck but I don’t know… She’s such a sweety! Like last time, we gave her a teeny snack and some water. She hasn’t changed one bit! We called her owners but no answer. The’re most likley at work… She’s currently hanging in the garage with my brother because I don’t know if she’s housetrained!
She’s such a sweety! I love when she comes and visits, she’s so quiet and layed back compared to George. (except when she eats, she inhales and her food somehow disapears!)
In the last photo you can see how her foot is messed up, I think her hip is dislocated in it’s socet or turned around. She makes use of it, for balancing and such so it useable.
She’s a purdy girly!
~Nicole & George


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