it’s supposed to be in the 100s all week. eew. isn’t that nasty. ah well…

well, we’ve been going out for practice earlier and earlier, which means George is more energized! Ah jeeze it’s soo good to see him running around again, I work him over a set of six or so “jumps” (mainly brooms, buckets and plastic stuff we find around the house haha) plus tunnel, we havent done weaves in a while… tisk tisk. ah well. I’m going to shave him again

tomorrow, mr. fluffy is super fluffy again. hah. shows how fast his fur grows.
SO… I’ve been on a “puppy craze” for MONTHS now, and I finally found one that I really oh so badly want, I was looking through the paper ads and I fould a blue merle BC litter that was AKC registered…
but then I thought… I wonder if they got any new dogs in the shelter, I USUALLY look to the shelter BEFORE I look for a breeder… so I looked, first at petfinder, then I clicked the link to the aussie website which led me to the sheltie website, finding no changes, I typed in the border collie rescue website and found…
Tilt. a blue merle border collie 4 1/2 MONTHS old, he is going to be about the same size (possibly a bit smaller) than George, with “dog sports potential” he’s got medium energy but a ton of “puppy curriosity” so yep, you can see why exactly, I fell in love with this guy…. ah….. if only. Now I really wish my parents read my blog hehe. I’ve been in ‘puppy mode’ for so long, it’s been insane. acctually since Febuary, I’ve been thinking about a plan… and have come up with an agility plan from September(supposing I got a pup from my sweet 16) this year to 2012, the year I plan to retire George from agility (he’ll be 10) I’ll keep working him but the jumps will be way below standards for competing… ah. well. so that ends my blog for today (: Thanks for reading… or just looking at the pictures and wondering why I have this gorgeous puppy on my blog.. (: Well now you know.
ah well… bye from Nicole & George… and this 100 degree weather and Tilt of course lol.



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