Sometimes reality sucks, but you know, we always have to face it.


I am sick and tired of irrisponsible owners, I know way to many of them, and most of them think they’re doing the right thing. The only problem is, if I call animal control or the humaine society, the dogs will just end up in shelters… probubly worse off then they already are.
So… yeah… I’m just tired of hearing how people got their dogs from “breeders” when they don’t know anything about the breed and jump right in among the millions of pet owners… they don’t realize that having a pet is like having another child, they have to care for him/ her for their entire life. There are recourses to do research BEFORE you adopt/ buy your pet! It makes me so irritated, and people also refusing to spay/ neuter their pets, there are some legit reasons why not but seriously people. Get real- There are millions of pets out there in shelters, who could be “pure breds” and millions who are getting euthinized because of our selfishness, we have to have the perfect pet. Well, you know, there are so many pets out there, in shelters, just waiting for a new home, and if you get one of them you won’t have to complain about your “bratty puppy” becuase these guys will be thankful that you gave them a home. The rewards are endless because you gave them a “second chance” I am so tired of having to hear stories of dogs, cats and other types of animals that had not been given a second chance… and I have to wonder what this world is coming to. People, this is what I believe, if you do not already have homes lined up for your pet’s offspring, spay/ neuter him or her because someday, it may be one of your pet’s beloved children that has to be euthinized because of your selfishness…
Come on people, we love animals, because they love us. If you cannot adopt from a shelter/ rescue, spay/ neuter your pets and if you can, donate time and/ or money to those pets who need a second chance. I got George from a rescue.

… so that will be my rant for today…
and just so you know, I am not yelling anyone… just getting my frustration out, because I have heard, yet another story about a dog who was put down because the shelter didn’t have enough room and he was old, and unlikley to be adopted. I’m tired of hearing these stories. Come on people… help.
Also, if you want to help but don’t have time or whatever, go to and they donate free food to animals in shelters, and you don’t have to pay.

And I will leave it at that. Please consider what I said, I know there is a ton of emotion in my writing but it’s true. Things like that happen every day. and most of us are unaware.
So think about it.



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