Everything is upside down! There are only two normal things in this house right now, George and well… .Piper. Again. This dog seems to love us! Anyway, yep she visited again. And for the past two days our cousins have been over and our whole lifestyle has been altered in an odd way. I really do mean odd. Pretty Miss Piper (above)

The Lil Rockstar (above) Rocky

So yeah… everything has been oddly demented. I just want a teeny break. I mean. It’s been two days of “their ways” … I guess I’m a home person but who isn’t ? Well a lot of people apparently. Also, I’ve been ranting over and over to George mostly then my cousins walked in on it and when I explained it (I think the passion and irritability of my voice made them) they agreed! It was bizzare. Ah to add to the list….
We FINALLY found out how Piper hurt her leg- she was hit by a car… and hardly survived. Her leg was crushed (which she still uses it for balance)… but yep, we learned about that when we took her back to her owners today. Somebody finally opened up! FINALLY. Jeeze Louise people. Why are people so dang confusing? I am confused. Sorry.

AHHH. WELL! They are all in the other room watching Mulan, I thought I’d have a blog. I love that movie, it’s my favorite. Soooo good. I love Disney calssics…. but I figured, yeah… I’ve only watched it a million times. I know the movie by heart. So I’ll blog a bit and calm my nerves. Writing certainly does that. Maybe because I’m slamming the keys on my laptop ): Well not really, just typing REALLY REALLY fast while listning to the Jason Bourne soundtrack which makes me undoubtly go faster. Much faster. Ah.
Soooo…. anyway. That’s about it for today! I’ll post later! G’nite!

-Nicole & George



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