Some people are arrogant. Some are selfish and others… well they’re just plain oblivious. to everything. It is quite annoying. I know so many people who are one or all of the above. And each and every person I met these last few days have gotten their dog(s) from a “breeder” really- a backyard breeder just trying to get money. Dogs are not money. Nor are they toys. They have LIVES. They are animals, like you and I (yes, a human is a type of animal weather you like it or not) They have feelings. Many of these people are just plain old oblivious, they just don’t KNOW. But those “breeders” are plain old selfish, taking advantage of them, saying that they have a “waiting list” or something just to get people to pay more. It’s not true. All a bunch of lies.
Most people who care to look at my blog are responsible dog owners who are perfectly aware of the situation. Which is a bit sad. I wish there was a way to inform the entire public. They are all deprived of the truth. Obsessed with themselves.
As some of you may know, we are getting our yard re-done (if not, now you know lol) well one of the workers (I won’t name names or give a discription of him or the dog) brought his dog and was refusing to neuter him… and considering breeding him. The other guy chipped in a ‘yeah you can make some money’ type comment apparently the dog comes from a “seven generation line”… I interrogated further and no, the dogs parents were not registered. put the dog has “papers” hmmm. People Please. “Papers” means nothing. However “pedigree” means something. But hey, I am all for (acctually quite passionate) about adopting dogs from shelters. Anyway, I continued to talk to him about his dog, and when he sugjested breeding, I was instantly discusted. This guy was totally oblivious! So I took hold of the convorsation and tried to explain how dogs and cats were being put down by the millions because there is a serious pet overpopulation (emphisis on the dogs, because he was obviously a dog-person) he looked at his dog and pet him, and looked back at me and was like “yeah, you’re right” I didn’t know what that ment, but he went back to work. But I keep questioning… did I come off two hard? I guess. I am going crazy on this topic jeeze! Anyway, did it mean that he wasn’t going to breed his dog…? Maybe he realized that it is true, animals were being put down, too often in shelters.
I am going crazy. I don’t know what to do anymore, I can’t just leave things be! Ugh these people are sooo frusterating!
Anyway… Rocky & crew left today, I got some cute photos of the boys together! Too cute!
I miss them but it feels good to finally be able to relax, whenever we have visitors over, I have to be on my toes… and George just followes me everywhere. He’s asleap poor boy, super exhausted. I think he likes the sound of my typing now lol, whenever I’m on my computer typing he falls asleap.
Maybe I know why I am going crazy- I haven’t done agility in three days…. odd is it not? I know. HUH. There’s an Eskie and a Sheltie x Papillion mix at our shelter! Pictures soon!!!
Ah… school is returning in two weeks ): Now that is a sad thought. I’ll be a junior next year.. life is going by so fast… wow…
So yep, I still want another dog, though I have sort of convinced my mom to ‘look’ but she’s looking for a little dog, which is why I was so interested in the Eskie & Sheltie mix… compared to George, they’re little. I am sort of an any dog person…. I literally will go for any dog, but I favor the herding breeds just because… hmm any ideas? My dad is like a rock ‘no’ but he was the same way when we got George. My brothers are oblivious to me. As usual, nothing new there. hmm. So nothing much to report. I suppose.
Gudday! -Nicole & George



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