we lost the moon.


Guess What? George has a new favorite obsticle! His mini dogwalk(he does it just randomly, I was sitting down talking to my brother and next thing I know George runs over the dogwalk)! It’s two feet under NADAC reg. (at full height) but he’s learing contacts so they’re lowered. I nodiced too that he is slipping way to much on the way down so I added little 1/4″ slats, so he has better traction… I’m also planning on painting it! So colors anyone? lol I was thinking green but I’m not sure…. hmm.
About the title- we went moon hunting, I brought along the nice camera, tonight WAS supposed to be a harvest moon, but I could not find it anywhere, George, my brother(Matthew) and I were searching but could not seem to find it, my dad had seen it on the freeway but it was no where. I suppose we missed this harvest moon. I do have photos of the last one, if I decide to dig those up.


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