Jones… Indi Jones…


So I took some course runs off people’s websites, of novice courses (regular, chances, jumpers… ect.) and tried to set them up, best I could to see how George and I would do….
uhm. We could have done better. I miss his youthful bounce but hey I guess we did allright, it is like 90 degrees out.
So, we’ve got a couple of new shelter puppies, they’re tiney! Two Border Collie mixes (from the same litter no doubt), a beagle BC mix and a JRT Chihuahua something mix. They’re all small dogs (at the moment) lol. They’re all going to grow because they’re all so YOUNG! I absaoloutly adore the JRT Chihuahua mix, she’s two months old and already bigger than a Chihuahua! Absaloutly ADORABLE! So incredibly cute. Ah well. I am still hoping for a BC but would not ever say no to this little girly! At the shelter, they’re calling her Indi… suits her right? like a girly miss Indiana Jones. Mmm. My sweet sixteen is coming up…. I’ve been begging for a new tunnel… and a new pup. but……… hmm.
So I suppose that will be our post for today, unless something interesting occurs.
-Nicole & George



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