pure insanity


Pure Insanity is right, second post today eesh- you probubly think I don’t have a life because I seem to blog so much. these things literally take less than a minuite to write so don’t worry. I do not waste a second. So George is currently laying on my floor, passed out he’s so exhausted. I am so proud of him. And have decided we are going to do 10:00 practice from now on. This boy, well he flew. I had lowered his jumps to 16″ again to show off his agility skill to a bunch of family-friends tonight and well, by the end of the night the jumps were up to 24″ – that’s right TWENTY FOUR INCHES. and he was still soaring so fast I gave him his distance, and all of this without treats! He acctually- for once enjoyed agility. Ok, he took advantage of his speed and raced away, doing the obsticles in whatever order he wanted while I was running after him trying to get him to do what I asked. Thank Goodness that our family-friends did not know much about agility or they’d laugh so hard they’d wet their pants. But still. we are improving in leaps and bounds. And now for some photography so you can see a sneak preview of our yard coming together… uhhm.

And yes, we had a BBQ (: YUM (yay for A1 lol)



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