Wake me up when September ends.


Tell me what he’s thinking.

Sure, I like Green Day but that’s not exactly what the title is about.
I want to wake up when this heat wave leaves.
I want to wake up when my birthday’s passed.
I want to wake up when it doesn’t matter.
I want to wake up when trials start back up at WAG.
My birthday is in two weeks. YUP. my sweet sixteen. MM HMM.
One trillianth (that’s a fraction folks) of me wants to have a massive party.
The other part does not even want a birthday to come at all.
Parents, Family and Friends all want me to have that giant party.
Sometimes I can picture it.
The colorful pool lights reflecting rainbows on the fence, virgin margaritas in colorful cups with tiney umbrellas… talking, friends…. music….
Then I see a different side.
Reading. Quiet. Peace. Me time.
Then I have to think.
Which would I rather have?

Asking George doesn’t exactly help. He says “I know! Let’s play with my tennis ball and do some agility then after that let’s go swim” … sounds good.



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