I am a rockstar.


573 Photos at the Rally.

Friday I meet & Greet ESPN & Good Day Sac.
Representing our high school along with me will be a few other people.
I feel like a rockstar.
However, there is one who is much more of a star than me
yep George. you beat me.
So yeah. I get special privlages… and possibly to be on NATIONAL TV! Because of Newspaper
It was 117 Degrees today. THAT is HOT. UGH. Grossness. Sorry about the cruddy picture. Atleast I have one (including me and Shelby’s legs… oops!) So if you live in USA, turn to ESPN!
Bulldogs vs Grant! You might see me on TV lol.
-Nicole & George
p.s. George is working on “go lefts” and “hang a right”-s inside! It’s way to hot to practice outside but it’s SUPPOSED to go down in the 70’s this weekend so we’ll be able to fit in some stuff.


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