Less than a week…


until my BIRTHDAY!
Wow… Sixteen is a week away.
(it’ll be a week on Tuesday)
I know how often everyone checks my blog
But just in case, this is what I realllyyy want for my b-day!
-Bethany to come to CA (yeah, I know, unlikley but still… I WISH!)
-To trial with George (ohhh badly, we have a lot of work to do)
-A QQ… (haha… TONS of work for that guy)
-A LONG tunnel ie regulation length PLZ!
-S Justadream (You know what I mean :D )
-A rush to tug lead (you know the “earth” one)
I won’t say any more. I feel greedy asking.
Is that weird?
George thinks I’m weird. He’s looking up at me like “Hey retard, shut the lights off” and I’m like “C’MON GEORGE IT’S ONLY TEN O’CLOCK!” whatev.

Ah I forgot my news report (:
I met people from ESPN, Good Day Sacramento, The Telegraph, The Bee, KFBK Newsroom, ABC TV and MANY more! Did you see me on the field?
I found the video from the rally… I’m wearing a black jacket and I have straight dark brown hair, with the camera glued to my face, I’m at the end of the bleachers in the beginning, I don’t see me anywhere else.

Someone nice posted the rally on Youtube :P Just so you know how I look, that’s a screenshot…



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