I Need Sleep.


So Yeah. I’m exhausted but I have a TON of work to do. I’ve been dying for a real tunnel.
George n’ me haven’t been doing much work since this weekend. Sadly the lack of mental stimulation has been driving him crazy so I’m making him do my math homework.
I really want to work some more on distance. His weaves are getting fast so hopefully a video soon?
We’ll see. Hopefully he’ll be less impatient with the camera charger going into the wall and it will acctually charge this time :P Silly boy.
Other than that. I am running on one sleepless weekend which consists of Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday. Sadly. So I’m tired. And I have loads of homework. Why on earth am I posting a blog? So I can concentrate later (: That’s what counts right? So I finish my WORK in double the time. So I can fall asleap then George will wake me to run through another course. UGH. What a pain. But what can I say?

Oh yeah. www.chargeagility.weebly.com is awesome. Because I made it (:
For now, officially, I think that will be our website. Not to sure though. We’ll find out sooner or later.



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