Queen of the Sea


When I was little I used to believe that the Ocean respected me, and would listen to me. It’s rythmic tides would arrive and depart at my bidding and that all was good by the sea, for I, her queen, bid it so. Yet by now, science has proved me wrong millions of times I continue to follow the tides. There is something special about being near the sea. Something not audible or tangable, I hardly doubt it’s expressable. The sea is vast, large, immeasurable. intimidating, we know less about the ocean than we know about the moon. I am going camping with Shelby’s family Labor Day Weekend, the weekend of my and Camryn’s birthday, and once again, will be reunited with my old friend, the sea.

But for now, I wait. Watching the clock. The calander. Friday is when we leave. I’ll be the only one going. Which will mean devistation for George. Sorryboy, it’ll only be for this weekend. Not more. I’m anxious- I’ve never been camping before! This will be my first time- on my weekend birthday. I keep waiting, I feel as if my mom will say “no, you can’t go” but I’m anxious. I’ve never been camping- I don’t know what to expect. We’re going in an RV- or a trailer. I’m not sure. I can’t remember. Remember not to tell me anything because I won’t remember because I’m all outa memory. I still owe you guys a weaving video. I’ve been reluctant to film since we practice after swim… hmm. Later. He’s only been improving, on his energy, speed and overal versitility which is nice. LOVE my boy, Geooorge! He’s asleap on the floor. I wish he or Ruby were coming, but neither of ’em are :( well… maybe next time. I’m still anxious. Tell me what to think?!


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