Sweet 16


This is getting to be the BEST birthday EVER!
I got a tunnel & a Tiffany’s Ring and a Target Giftcard.. and a present which I’ll talk about later …(which will be going towards my car :P)
So I was pracing with George with our new 6ft. tunnel (which curves) (he loved it)
without treats, his drive was pure AMAZING!
I made a deal with my mom & dad- no missing work from now until October 30th (and beyond) and I get to trial with George!!!!

Our first trial is going to be October 30-31!!!!!!! New videos coming soon! (it’s going to be a fun match but AHH! I’m sooooo excited!)
Wish us luck! We’ll be training LONG and HARD while I do my homework!!! :D
Love Everyone, thank you for such an amazing birthday today!
Maybe a party next weekend? We’ll see… :)


3 Responses to “Sweet 16”

  1. ohmydog! that's too exciting! agility trial as a birthday gift? hell yes, you guys are gonna kick ass! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BTW :)

  2. Nicole Says:

    Thank You THANK YOU!!!! We're going to work our butts off! Any trialing tips… what should we bring?

  3. KiwiMutts Says:



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