Sprinkles & Callie


Meet Callie! She’s Spencer’s new puppy, who is just over a year old (estimate) She was rescued by a staff member at our school (she wound up somehow on the staff member’s porch) so they asked around and no one claimed her, and Spencer soon after, adopted her! Happy ending!
I got to meet Callie today, she visited afterschool, the sweet girly! Thanks Spencer!
p.s. – Any guesses on her breed(s)? my best guess is KC Spaniel (90%) and JRT (10ish%) Her muzzle reads JRT to me, however, the rest of her body and her temperment reads KC Spaniel… she has a KCS tail, paws, overall build, she even has the clasic ‘tear stains’ under her eyes. hmm. I guess we’ll never know for sure, but that is my best guess.

Sprinkles? Yeah, it sprinkled allright, I took George out earlier tonight (7ish) and I when I walked outside I felt the drops- it was quite bizzare, sprinkles in September? so I had to clean up the agility stuff… it’ll come out again tomorrow unless it’s raining, then we’ll have to do something else to keep us occupied *hope for no rain- we’ve got a trial to practice for!*
Bye for now!

2 Responses to “Sprinkles & Callie”

  1. Katie Says:

    Bahaha, there is my knee in the first picture! :)


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