Mini Course


We did a mini course today in the sideyard! Here it is! George got it on the 1st try, I was jumping him at 6″ because we were on concrete and that’s as low as my jumps go… but he had one stride weaves again! SOOO proud of my boy!

Me & George had fun doing agility and hanging out- Thanks Chef Bouyar Taylor! (: hehe

2 Responses to “Mini Course”

  1. what a fun mini course! if only we'd bigger yard! would love to try it out!

  2. Nicole Says:

    it was fun awww :( I wish you guys did too! like 90% of our backyard so it's really hard to cram agility in back there and our front yard is 40%ish grass so it's easier there but setting up there is a big pain because it's a slope!


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