“Some hearts get lucky some times…”


Hey guys! Remember when I wrote novels about what was going on in my life and you used to look and groan and say, yeah whatever Nicole, I don’t want to read your boring novel.

So for a while there I tried to make it sorda interesting, adding tons of photos & colorful stuff.
Yeah. So I’m in “novel mode” again. -ish.
Not quite. I’m just having one of those days where I cannot just stop and look at everything that is buzzing through my head. So of course. I write it. On the internet. so everyyyone can see.
The first topic. The freakiest one. My math grade =B-. DEAR GOD. it’s hanging there. On the edge of a cliff.
HELP does anyone know Algebra 2? I know it but does anyone know how to take Algebra 2 Tests? Because I fail at them. Obviously.
The second topic on my brain is this. Our trial = 25 DAYS AWAY! I cannot stop to take a breath! And guess what? Registration is due (if I want the discount which, DUH I do) on the 25th of October. That’s Whats Up.
Another George problem. How on earth am I supposed to train him not to be super destructive (well he’s not THAT distructive, just peeing on flowers) when I’m working my butt off trying to get us signed up for some MORE Matches & TRYING to work with him & motivation (which is an every day thing now, his tail wags when I put on THE sweatshirt hehe thanks Hillary!)
NUMBA 3 is… well… I kinda like this guy… and well… uhh…. I’ve liked him… for a while… but he won’t get outa my HEAD. I want to just boot him out because I DONT HAVE TIME TO THINK ABOUT HIM RIGHT NOW. GO AWAY!
ok sorry about that :/ (reason for the title)
Tetra- (latin prefix for four) yes four. My dream dog’s name. “TETRA” (: hehe. Just had to say that.
HOMEWORK OF DEATH & DOOM. Yes it’s OCTOBER. which means HALLOWEEN! ugh. One of my least favorite holidays. The day of the dead. eew.
So that’s all. For now. It’s out into the open. I have been throughly gutted. eew.
“Hey Hey Terrible Tuesday”
(quote at the top from Carrie Underwood’s “Some Hearts”)


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