for someone who has no idea what they’re doing…


I think I’m doing pretty well…
My brain is completley sidetracked

I oh so badly want this aussie puppy I found,
from these breeders, they are ligit reputable breeders.
AKC/ ASCA reg with CERF & OFA and the parents are sweeties and the dogs are sweeties
and they’re local. and they have good conditions at home. and they’re being fed well like on good food. and a heath guar. and not too expensive.
ah all the things I am looking for.
but I don’t think I’ll be getting a puppy for a while
which makes me sad.
So! that was my sidetrackingness for this post.
I’ve been studdying chemistry forever and need a break.
My head hurts. Ok. I’ll stop complaining.
George is lacking attention because of two classes in particular: Algebra 2 and Chemistry
My parents are constantly down my throat about those two classes. UGH. Someone help me.
ok, my break is over, back to studdying.


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