chem is try


George is currently nagging me to stop blogging and get to homework.
but sharpie-ing his name into his collar was much more amusing!
and so is blogging.
He is no longer sitting by my schoolbag, smiling.
and when I ask him “wanna go play agility?” he barks and gets up like I’ve offered him a ton of treats! I am currently loving this. Hopefully if I finish studying for chemistry & algebra 2 (and live hehe) then we can go weave a bit and work on weave entries – he needs to get 12 down and I have to really work on his weave entries. really bad.
this morning it was hallarious, the fog was so dense I swear I got a shower in it! We played a chase game and he was running faster than I’ve seen him run in a long time. It was brilliant.
(please also note, the spaces in the title were intetional- funny how you break appart words and they have meanings “chem is try” or “chemistry” humm.)


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