life as we know it


is seemingly getting better.
you know, the past two days,
I’ve been thinking quite a bit about college. It’s kind-of scary but exciting.
George is coming, don’t worry. Our blog won’t end when I go away. We will remain a team, conjoined at the hip (er…) foreverrr.
Agility will carry on.
And  I convinced my mom NTI tunnels are the best around
Cause they are (:

3 Responses to “life as we know it”

  1. shelby Says:

    GAAAAAHHHH well i have good news and bad news………………….. i have a facebook is the good and the bad is that weldon is satarting a class blog on blogger and also she is starting a class facebook fan page i think she said……….

  2. I believe you guys are gonna have lots of fun the college life. duhh NTI tunnels are the best, what colors are you getting? :)

  3. Nicole Says:

    @ Happy – thank you! haha Yessss love those tunnels… not sure, I'm thinking forest green or purple… or Kelly Green. I dunno though… what do you think?@ Shelby – YAY facebook, I won't be on for a couple of years so don't be offended when I don't add you haha xD don't worry, I'll go on just to add you! have fun blogging :P you should start a Ruby blog! Didja see the photos I just posted?


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