I’m Not Affraid.


we’ll walk this road together, through the storm whatever weather, cold or warm…
That’s about the only Eminem song I like ’cause it means somthing.
you know?
Today was fantastic.
we had our newspaper outing. well, that was amazing.
Running around town, promoting our newspaper. yeah. that’s what I love to do.
I have too much homework and I’m stressing out…. that’s why I’m blogging ya know. Because I blog to de-stress then I work, real hard. Trust me, it works. surprisingly well- have you nodiced (well you wouldn’t nodice) but since I’ve used agility as a huge goal and have been blogging my grades have been skyrocketing. yeah. I was an average kid. I still am but I’ve found that I can work more… dispite my immensly strong will to procrastinate. (what I do best,)
Today is also one of those days where I come home utterly exhausted and George seems to understand, he lays down on the couch (sorda) with me (he’s half on the floor but his front half is on the couch…weird, I’ll show you a photo sometime…) and he rubbs his head in my armpit. My stomach hurts. But I’m not one to complain. I don’t like when people whine so I try not to. I try real hard haha and it works – sometimes…
I’ve also found I’ve been writing english essays like blog-posts and my teachers are loving it. weird- again.
Speaking of english Essays, and Eminem… they relate, it’s awesome. I just totally tied Eminem’s I’m Not Affraid rap to my english essay… who does that? haha. Me.
I don’t even like rap… well it grows on you so since I like a song does that mean I do? what if I say I don’t mind it. But I’m picky. I guess. Well…… if it’s good I like it? not really. I don’t know.
OK. Moving on. doesn’t it bug you when people say “Like” repeatedly? yeah. well. ok. I’m moving on. what was my point? I think this was completley random, this post… yeah.
OH YEAH! I remember now! THURSDAY is the MIDNIGHT PREMIERE OF HARRY POTTER 7  PART ONE! OOOOMMMMGGGG. George is excited. (only because I am haha) I taught him a new trick when I say “Who wants to see Harry Potter Friday?! he spins and barks. COMPLETLEY ADOREABLE! I know, I’m misusing my clicker… whatever. It’s hallarious and I love it.
“I’m not affraid… to take a stand… everybody… come take my hand, we’ll walk this road together…”
So now I shall do my homework, that took me all of one minuite. YES. (:
Hopefully we can get back into a routine and do agility tomorrow… hopefully!
The End.
“… I’m a be what I set out to be…”


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