lazy days


George was undoubtedly quite disapointed that he would have to wait until the DVD came out to see The Deathly  Hallows.
This week has been slow- for him. although we do have it off, it has been divided up between homework and agility. There is hardly time for anything else.
George and I have to look presentable as we have visitors nearly all the time and my homework… well… we could just say it’s a stop and go process. who want’s to do homework?
George is looking at me “erm Nicole… was that your chemistry packet I just devoured”
whatever. no matter.
I’d rather be fighting he-who-must-not-be-named.
well… well… well… I think today… If I finish these next few pages of this dreadful packet (it’s getting easier… finally…) we may be able to go outside and practice weave entries. those killer things! (:

-side note: this was never published, it was supposed to be published 11.21.10-



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