we weave


does vimeo work at school? we’ll see… (old clip, youtube doesn’t work… so…)

P.S. forget the last post. I’m not leaving blogger yet xD

that’s George… sort-of… in his attempt to be an angel.ahhhaha, I have a movie quote for you.”How do you feel Georgie?” – Fred Weasley”Saint-like” -George Weasly, “Look Fred, I’m Holey get it?”ehm, Deathly Hallows referance (: part oneeee!
it surpassed my expectations although this round through,
(since they completley left out the house elves!) my expectations had dropped extremly low. (I really wanted to see that!)

old critique.
We weaved a TON, back and forth, different weave entries and he started getting distance (I angled the weaves so he couldn’t mess up when we started *caugh* cheaters*)
he surprised me and did really well (except when we first started, he missed the first two poles. Yes, George, you have to weave all of the weave poles. eesh.


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