Merry Christmas!


(^above, is the nerd-boy with his cheeky grin)
ok, so how’s life. Life is good.
I’ve been posting nearly daily on my other blog but I miss this one. You see, I don’t know, I like “Charge Dogs” and wordpress layouts and such so I’ve been using that blog a TON.
(the wordpress blog is and well… I sorta miss this blog… I like the name, I like everything about it. It’s just, I have to stick with one or the other and I’m switching back and forth. Ok. Here’s what’s going to happen. FOR NOW. This is the plan, I will post here monthly and wordpress, whenever I feel like it so I won’t feel like I’m abandoning this blog… woah, that sounds pathetic. oops.

So, what is up really? FINALS. We’re almost done with this semester (YES!) and by then I will have much more time for agility. (Thank Goodness) today was sunny and frigid at the same time. huh. I wished I could go out and do agility but I have to study for math. eew. Thank Goodness for Newspaper tomorrow, I’m wishing I had a decent camera. Actually I want a good camera. I was looking at fuji film, they’re cameras are cheep but I’ve never tried one…? the latest model is $300 which is LESS than my last (my blue camera), currently I’m using my ollldddd pink Camera from like fifth grade? It’s so old and it won’t focus and it won’t do much… which is bad. Because I am a photography addict. along with being agility addict. (so sorry about the bad photo… poor George:)
Thanks for reading our little update!



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