I figured this fit here the best,


George, and I- well mostly me…
have been confronted with a sort of a problem…
actually a couple of them
1. we can’t go to the match
2. George is being aggressively protective of me- maybe it’s jealousy
we can’t go to the match because I have way way to much to work on as far as schoolwork goes and we haven’t been able to train.
this is sad, this is the first match opportunity I’ve missed so far and hopefully it will be the last.
UGH. whatever.
and secondly,
I didn’t quite know where to put this,
but it’s true-
our cousin’s dog- Rocky- snapped at my hand trying to get a treat,
now mind you, this dog is an overweight, miniature pincer with next-to-no training at all.
but George snarled and snaps his jaws right between my hand and Rocky’s face,
then a second time, Rocky comes again to snap a treat out of my hand and George acts likewise,
so I immediately asked both dogs to sit and stay (well, Rocky just kind of begged for his treat but whatever floats your boat ;))
and went through the “George’s turn” “Rocky’s Turn” exercise. Which worked, as long as I kept the two apart.
this kind of scares me,
how on earth am I supposed to work with a new dog when George is going to act as my body guard.
I think he is part aussie, or more so a large part of him is aussie-
that breed is notorious for being “one person” dogs and devoted to “their person” (not all dogs fit into this, it’s just a generalization)
George is that way for me…
so what now?



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