we have a lot to catch up on…



4 Responses to “we have a lot to catch up on…”

  1. Chrissy Says:

    Pretty plants, a quite gorgeous George (hehe), AMAZING bokeh, unique flower bumblebee, and dog books. Pretty much an epic win. ;)

  2. Nicole Says:

    thank you!! George is blushing, ahh I am in love with bokeh hehe. bees have taken over everywhere. and YAY dog books :) WINNING! hehe feel better!

  3. Lilo & Elle Says:

    omg george got a trim! love it! you should have given him a lion cut =P… he's so adorable!!! =) hows that book A Dog's Purpose? i need a good book to read this summer. i love the Jon Katz books, i finished Soul of a Dog… need more books! lol

  4. Nicole Says:

    hehe we were going to but he looks so cute in a puppy cut hehe thank you!Just finished A Dog's Purpose today, it's GREAT. You can get it at costco for like $8 I think… it's soooo good!!!!! and the dog's perspective is amazing! ohhh I have to read that, lol, it shall join my collection of Dog-Books. I also recommend The Art of Racing in the Rain (besides Harry Potter #3) it is my favorite book. ever.


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