(okay yeah, awkwardness. I’ve decided that 90% of my posts will be photos. the other 10% may include words……….. don’t hate me. I couldn’t do it for a year…)

 see his grin, he’s saying “VELCOM to hell.”


 I just really really really really really need to go home

 I feel a sneeze coming on.

 JENNY CRAIG. Call me.

 don’t. leave. me. here.

 I really want to go home now…

 this behavior is totally normal after what we’ve been through.

 I have the greatest dog ever. so he deserves a special cookie.

I am a good boy, come on, can I have it… now?

YUM! (chewing, chewing) Thanks!!

a pair of cute red Toms…
helps provide shoes for a kid without them.
(not that being barefoot is not cool… it totally is… but people who are less fortunate like shoes too.)

(if you’re wondering what the heck is up with some of these weird pictures- ie: George tied to a screen door looking sad- umm well. let’s just say I don’t get along with people who don’t like dogs and don’t understand George and I are a package deal- you can’t have one without the other. I’ll just leave it at that…)


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