more thinking, running and stuff


 I am the master at procrastination. Well, this time I did good, I finished before I took pictures so…

 I hear it’s going to rain tomorrow!

 and I’ve been puppy brainwashed again…. but this time I’m serious.

 we also ran a mile or two today (not sure… probably something in between)
in 9 minutes, but I bet it’s closer to a mile because George kept stopping to sniff various inanimate objects
 but I know his secret, he  is lazy and was tired. He just didn’t want to say anything.

 ahh whatever!
 okay, so in all boringness, George qualified for his CGC and NTD titles (well he knows 46 qualifying tricks so he’s actually good for an ETD but I don’t really feel the need to pay the money….)

 “how to retrieve ball without getting into pool”
“all you have to do is whine and a human servant will get it for you, pay close attention dog friends”

I tried to use paint.


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