Oh forget it.


okay. I couldn’t do it. I was so tempted to write a “written” post I kind-of gave in. Writing is like an addiction. I can’t just stop. It has to go somewhere, and currently, I’m favoring this blog above my old one.
So I couldn’t help but make myself another website. It sucks at the moment but I needed another project that involved editing complicated pictures and writing quite a bit and graphs and such. So I made one. But it will remain secret and unpublished until I am half way satisfied (which I doubt I’ll ever be-)
So thinking. The more I think about getting a puppy, the more I like the idea, the more I become familiar with it and the more I plan. I have this extremely intricate plan of how I plan on raising this puppy and what I’m going to do (although it’s doubtful that I will follow it… but still, it’s nice to have a plan and a goal)
I’ve also been considering plenty of other dog sports with George, even though he is eight years young, he is full of potential for plenty of other things. So today we worked on disc/ frisbee- since it seems to be increasingly popular and affordable, sure, why not give it a try? I worked with the lid again, because I don’t have a legit dog frisbee and I don’t want to ruin his mouth- and he LOVED it. well, mostly he loved getting treats afterwords.
Umm today… today.. today… I went shopping with a very good friend of mine, we talked and had quite a bit of fun, plus I got some really cute stuff that I’m excited about (if she’s reading this, she needs to start a blog- now! it’s fun!) haha. She didn’t get to see George kick butt on weaves because… well… it RAINED.
Yes, today is June 28, 2011 and it was pelting down. What a day.

Anyways, so a lot of thought towards careers and money and jobs and goals and stuff like that. Then came the sudden realization that not very long from now I will be going to college. Living in an apartment- with George (and hopefully a puppy!!!) and trying to make a living.
You probably know I kind-of free-lance train dogs, I mean, it’s very unstable and random and I’ll just train any dog to do some random trick if I have a bit of food and a dog is indeed present. Well, my mom had the marvelous idea that I should train dogs to create an income. So there comes the new “site” project. uh huh. I think I really need to get my life in order first. Not that it’s messed up- last I checked it is perfectly fine- but I mean I need some sort of structure I guess- I wake up in the morning at 5:50 ish so I can play with George, get ready and go to summer classes at 7:30- then I get back at 11:00- then I wait an hour (do any homework) and eat lunch. Then I kind of lay around and take some pictures, and work with George and sometimes I run. (I love running!) That’s my summer until July 8th. Then after that, I will have no structure to my days.
So I figure, why not REALLY train dogs, like scheduled classes and such? and get paid?! that’d be a first. Get paid for training dogs…. what a concept…. I just do it randomly- for fun. So I began considering what exactly I could offer. I can train a dog to do well, quite a few things. I could start with friends and work my way out. This could turn out really cool. Well, people seem to think it’s a good idea.
I still don’t know. Does that mean that I can’t randomly train tricks to random dogs anymore? Hmm.
I can’t believe it’s 8:40. I’m so tired, I had an awesome day though.
oh and why not: a picture. after all this is SUPPOSED to be 90% pictures. who follows rules anyways?



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