thoughts on college, and life in general.


So it’s finally kicking in that I am going to college… in a year from now. I have a huge list of stuff I need/ want to do, including taking my SAT’s (and getting decent scores. ahh.), narrow down the colleges I want to attend, get applications ready by September (scary thoughts!) research the cost of living in an apartment with dogs, GET A JOB (umm my parents suggest I get a job working as a trainer in petco… but I’m not a huge fan of the idea since they promote shock collars, okay guys- lets all train our dog by shocking them… because that sounds effective… right?) So I’m thinking another place. Or I could just try to put myself out there… but we’ll see what happens… otherwise I’ll try to get a job at some holistic pet food store and promote grain-free and raw food. All of the possibilities. also on my list is getting a puppy. I don’t really know what to say after that statement other than there is no longer a lingering question in my mind
I’m excited, this is my second “large” word post in quite some time and I’m enjoying it thoroughly….
anyways, today, George and I worked quite a bit, we weaved (I did some of the weave challenge positions that everyone’s been doing) and it was fun! His entries are becoming solid and enthusiastic which is exciting, even though it was already 80 degrees at 9 o’clock in the morning! We also played with 2on/2off position and of course, he lapped it up. I just have to work on him “keeping his cool” in stressful situations. Speaking of stressful situations- more fireworks tonight. He only reacted to the whistling ones but it wasn’t too badly, he just got up and contemplated hiding. but I lured him back to me with a treat and had  him do a few tricks to ease his mind and he was fine! I’m pretty excited- this could be the first fourth of July weekend in eight years that I get to actually sleep! Speaking of… good night!


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