August’s Rhapsody // Hello World!


Writing a story is kind of like writing a song. You have to have some sort of tempo, some kind of rhythm and a little bit of inspiration… plus an idea. I suppose you could write for nothing and just let mindless thoughts waif from your brain, or you could try to plot out a character. But that’s not how life is… right? Things happen for a reason, sometimes unexplainable. But here I am, sitting, typing in my head, I’m listening to August’s Rhapsody. Wishing I could be musical like August Rush. But really, I’m not. I’m sixteen, when school comes I’ll be a senior in high school. I live a lot of broken dreams really. I want to be a writer, an artist of my own kind. But that’s not how it works. To be a writer- you have to be good, it has to come from the heart and people have to like it. But here I am, my best friend is lying on my rug behind me and I’m trying to force myself to think about the future. My best friend’s name is George. He’s a Border Collie mix of some sort and he’s eight years young. Sometimes he makes my dreams come true, when he listens and doesn’t get stressed out that is. It’s nine thirty nine. Pretty early to go to sleep for a sixteen year old I guess. Huh. But how many sixteen year olds do you know would randomly start typing hoping to come up with a story. I guess since this is turning into something about me, I might as well introduce myself and all of those broken dreams.

My name is Nicole, my passion and dream is dog agility. Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to own and live on a horse ranch that shows horses… or just has horses. But this whole agility thing seemed like a reasonable dream so I’ve been sticking with it. Too bad my best friend is eight years old, not fast and shuts down in stress. I guess you could say I’ve always been a writer too. Actually, no. that’s a lie… I’ve been a writer since the sixth grade, that’s six years now since I started really liking writing. I want to get a puppy but my parents won’t hear of it until I sort of get a plan together about college/ my future life. I secretly want to be in a movie, but I doubt that will ever happen- still though, it’d be … interesting. I keep a blog. Well, I keep a few blogs, but one is my story blog, it’s called “Suspended in Free Fall” I don’t have any readers yet. It’s just fun two write free form to nobody. I tried to write a story on there but it turned out to be not so great so I stopped. No inspiration, it kills when you’re trying to write a story. I need something unique, vague. You know everybody’s written books about dogs, from a dog’s perspective and of course there are always grossly childish books from just about any other animal’s perspective, so what now? And then there are works like Harry Potter, pure genius. I really idolize JK Rowling for those books; they’ve made me cry more than I’d like to admit… and I’m not one big on crying. I suppose I could tell a story about an adventure… a made up adventure… but there are thousands of books like that. You see, she had a novel idea, who writes good books about wizards?  And then there are the Inkspell series. I’m not even finished reading them and they are about books. How brilliant is that anyway? And Funke (the author of those books) wrote about Thieves too which I rather enjoyed. And then there is the masterpiece Bourne collection. Stunning work of art that is, I love books about assassins and such. Especially ones being hunted (and take the shape of Matt Damon) er. Never mind. I don’t know why I keep glancing over at my phone, it’s not like I’m planning on receiving any text messages or calls or anything like that. Now I glance at my camera. Yes. I love cameras, I love taking photos in general. I told you I was an artsy person. I bought my first D-SLR December of last year. Probably the most expensive purchase I’ve ever made so far- it is well worth every (hard earned, might I add) penny. Even with the 18-55mm kit lens, it makes magic happen. Of course I’ve been told a million times “it’s the photographer, not the camera” but for this camera, I don’t think that is the case.

I am so tempted to go take my laptop and lie in my bed and continue typing this, but no. The battery has decided to fail me again so I am glued to my desk.

Nine fifty seven, pm. I’m still searching for inspiration. It usually comes to me when I’m sad, angry or in love. I am none at the moment, purely looking for it so I know I couldn’t possibly find it anywhere. I dug up some of my starts of old stories and they’re pretty good. I did an odd imitation of a Jason Bourne novel for one of them and I am rather enjoying it. (and questioning the fact that I wrote it..) It’s a fun piece of work and not unlike Bourne but not like it either. I suppose most of the action scenes (so far) were indeed inspired by him but I put my own view on it. Plus the “Bourne” is a girl who is owned by the military. Quite interesting I suppose. Humph. Maybe I’ll continue it, we’ll see how it goes. For now I am kind of enjoying just carelessly writing all of my thoughts. I mean who is going to read this anyways? (I sort of decided to use this as my first blog post.) I suppose I could add photographs as I go. Maybe make it vintage looking. This whole new blog thing could be fun, I might enjoy it. (It also may come especially handy as I move on through my life, although isn’t that what my main blog is for?) anyhow. I think I’ll just keep searching for inspiration instead of bore you. Good Night, pleased to meet you. (also please feel free to leave a comment or two!)

wow, that was fun!



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