To realize it’s right before my eyes


-Two Door Cinema Club “What You Know”
I think, quite simply. I might be in love. But to my utter demise, I am in love with two things. After that interesting start we got off to yesterday I don’t know how I can manage to top it today. I sort of had an inspiration today but it  wasn’t to write, not at all actually. it was a photo inspiration. I noticed a bunch of people on flickr had found a subject and made it a theme for a while. So I figured why not try it. I used a flower. er. I can’t manage for a while. Just for today, you know. It’s currently living in a vase with two other flower friends on my nightstand. I got quite a few photos of the pretty thing and I kind of like it. George is asleep behind me and I’m listing to that song (the title quote one) until I’m sick of it, because it’s a good song and it’s making me type fast. Oh Yes! (how easily I get distracted!!) I am in love.
I am in love with a sport, called agility. But I figure you already know that. Blah. I’ll just change it to another tdcc song. I don’t want to ruin it for myself, it’s a good song after all.
I am in love with a boy. Yes… me. I’ve been for four years now and never really talk about it with anyone. But usually I don’t think to much about him when I don’t see him. I mean I do. but  I’m logical, logic is always before emotion, it makes sense you know? Well. Last night I had a dream about him, it was simple and short. He was watching me run agility (and cheering for me..). My loves. together, how much more like heaven can you get? (I though last night’s dream was good until tonight) So the complicated thing is I am going with his family to the mall on Wednesday. I don’t really like shopping (see, I told you I was weird). But seriously- I am probably the only girl who does. I appreciate nice clothes, make up and such but I don’t really care for shopping so seriously I am lost at how I am going to act this one out. My gut says “who cares? just be yourself” but my brain says I have to make a good impression. I have to find a way to have ‘fun’ while shopping. Good grief! Where is Kimmie when I need her? She makes shopping a blast. I mean I suck at it, but she’s really good so it makes up for it. Figures, she’s amazing with style and fashion. I just see things I like and try to make them my own. er. yeah.
So I’ve been thinking emotionally today. It’s been really really bizarre for my brain to take in, I’m not usually like this.  Er… today… today was quite interesting. Right after lunch, randomly we decided to look outside and our street was lined with cop cars and ‘under cover’ cop cars. except you know they’re all cops because they have antennae everywhere. After waiting, taking a few photos and talking to some cops and watching it (well, not really- just people interviews) we found out that our neighbor- two doors down was a child molester and had fled the country. Well, that’s……… creepy.
anyhow, life goes on, the world continues to turn and rivers continue to flow. So considering this is day two of blogging here. I am rather enjoying writing an essay about my life every day. I’m shooting for a thousand words, last time I posted a thousand eighty one…. so yesterday, I was accomplished. But today I haven’t yet posted nearly that many… but I’ll get there.
So tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to go run in the morning and meet my friend Katie at Starbucks! six thirty a.m. baby! It’s going to be fun. Hopefully my shoes don’t totally burn out my ankles like they did last time. My feet felt great, just because they were new they gave me blisters. Why is it new shoes give you blisters? Oh the pain.
Some times I wish I were a normal teenager… or at least as normal as my friends. Party, hang out, do stuff. I just do dog stuff mostly. I mean from time to time I have a real social life and it’s kind of fun! But what would I give to devote a ton of time to agility… and have a dog who wants to play the sport with me. George, he would obviously rather be doing something else, but he likes working with me and treats… so he does agility. He also likes running with me. But he’s a simple dog, he doesn’t care for complex things at all. He lives in the moment and hates the vet just as much as I hate going to the doctor. Hey, he gets me and I get him. I guess it all works out in the end. I still want a puppy and he doesn’t quite get that longing feeling I have. He wants me to just be happy with just him. Just me and him, but he’s been showing me lately he is willing to cooperate if I were to get a new puppy, just so long as he’s still the favorite. (don’t worry George, you’re my best friend- how could you NOT be the favorite?!) nine hundred and twenty two words. I am almost there- almost at a thousand! This is pretty exciting. A thousand words/post. Not like anyone is ever going to read these darn essays…  they’re so LONG. But they’re really quite fun to write and I hope it’s helping me become a better writer in general. Speaking of writing- I was hoping to brainstorm some new News topics to cover for newspaper. I need to plan ahead and have a lesson plan together (or at least a general one) as News Editor I am responsible for all that, and teaching these new Newsies how to write kick-ass articles… and take kick ass pictures and make kick ass layout pages. Ah well, you get the idea. maybe I should make it a boot camp. Kidding- don’t worry. I wouldn’t do that to little freshmen. (and other newbies) Anyways, I have to crawl out of bed tomorrow so I’m going to sleep. It’s only ten fifty six after all.
good night!
p.s. one thousand ninety four words.



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